Great Start Readiness Program

Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP)


Who are we?

GSRP is a high quality, free preschool program for four-year-old children in our county that is guided by the Lewis Cass Intermediate School District. Children are welcome to enter the program if they are four by September 1 and meet certain requirements.


What do we do?

We help children develop a lifelong love of learning! Children play, learn and grow by hands-on experiences in our intentionally designed classrooms. Our daily routine meets the developing needs of the whole child and allows them to fully explore the world around them. Skilled teachers guide children in developing their language, literacy and math skills in holistic, playful, relatable ways. Class sizes are small to support individual learning as we nurture each child and measure their growth every step of the way.


We try our best to meet the needs of families as their first entry to school. You can find GSRP classrooms in the local schools of Cassopolis, Dowagiac, Edwardsburg, and Marcellus. Classes are held Monday through Thursday and typically follow the schedule of the host school. Meals are eaten “family style” with lunch and snacks provided by the program. We’ll plan times for the family to connect, learn and find out how to raise a lifelong learner.


Why does it matter?

When children have a quality preschool experience, they are much more prepared to learn and grow in the classroom and beyond.


2020-2021 GSRP Acceptance and Prioritization Process


To apply for entry to the program, please go to:


For further information, please contact:

Vicki Foote

Office Coordinator | Department of Early Childhood Education

Lewis Cass Intermediate School District

[email protected]

269 | 445-6283


Christine Whitmire

Director of Early Childhood Education

Lewis Cass Intermediate School District

[email protected]

269 | 445-6285