Brookside Learning Center

61662 Dailey Rd., Cassopolis, Michigan 49031
Phone: (269) 445-6250 -or- Fax: (269) 445-6253

Brookside Mission Statement

Providing Services for Success;
"Together the Future Belongs to All of Us"

 About our building and sites...

    The Brookside Learning Center opened in September, 1978, serving students with disabilities who have speech, physical or health impairments, or are preprimary impaired, trainable mentally impaired, severely mentally impaired, severely multiply impaired and autistic impaired ranging in age from birth to 26. It houses the offices for the school nursespeech pathologist, occupational therapists, physical therapist, and a technology lab. The Lewis Cass ISD Transportation Department is also located here and is owned and operated by the Lewis Cass Intermediate School District. In order to serve students in a less restrictive environment, Lewis Cass ISD currently rents classroom space in the Marcellus school district. The students attending that program are the same age as the general education students in the school building and are given opportunities to participate in the different activities available in the school.

 Our curriculum at Brookside...

    Under Public Act 25, local school districts are determining their core curriculum. This is a set of learning outcomes by subject areas that students are expected to master by the time they graduate. In special education at Brookside, the curriculum is molded by state and federal law, established guidelines and the Individual Educational Plan (IEP) process. Each student has access to the local core academic curriculum by referencing the ISD's special education plan and the IEP committee procedure. Each student has an IEP that is reviewed at least annually. The IEP contains very specific goals and objectives written in measurable terms that represent what each student is expected to master/learn over the course of the plan. Individual student goals and objectives, when looked at collectively, shape and influence the direction of the curriculum. Teaching and learning materials, as well as evaluation methods, are aligned or synchronized.

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