Physical Therapy


What is a Physical Therapist?

    A Physical Therapist helps students work on improving their muscle control, strength and mobility, as well as walking training. They also train students, staff and parents in proper techniques to transfer to and from school chairs, buses. etc., as well as assisting school personnel in evaluating the school environment to make it barrier free for the student.

What does a Physical Therapist Do?

    Physical Therapy services are provided to those special education children who have neuromusclar problems (ie: cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, or other types of muscle coordination problems.) In order for children to qualify for Physical Therapy, there must be a specific educational need for these services(ie: such as an inability to walk from class to class within time limits, inability to participate in gym, a need for a wheelchair and/or other adapted equipment, et.) and a prescription from the child's doctor. These services can be direct to the student or in a consultive role with staff and parents. The Physical Therapist can help parents and school staff acquire needed equipment, receive medical follow-up at specific clinics, and understand medical reports. If the student does not qualify for Physical Therapy in the school, but may need therapy for a specific non-academic purpose, the Physical Therapist may assist the family in finding this service.

Lewis Cass ISD Physical Therapist

OT/PT room photo
The OT/PT room at the Brookside Learning Center.