Super Day for Special Kids

The Cass County Tractor Pullers again sponsored a day of horse-drawn hay rides, food and a chance to climb all over tractors, an ambulance, fire trucks, and race cars for children and students of the Brookside Learning Center, as well as other school programs throughout the county. It was an excellent day and the kids, teachers, and parents enjoyed seeing all of the equipment, and the various activities that went on outside the Brookside Learning Center.

Fire trucks, air horns, and small children is something interesting to behold. They enjoyed pulling on the air horns and then gleefully holding their ears at the sound, before pulling on the rope again. The children enjoyed climbing all over and through the firetrucks and even got a chance to try on one of the fireman's helmet and jacket. They were amazed that they were so heavy. 

Of course the 'Race Car' always seems to gather the attention of young and old alike. There is something about driving fast, with the wind in your face, that is exciting to many. There is always the conversations about the power of the engine, or the difficulty getting parts to fit, etc. that one can overhear as they look at the cars. The kids just wanted to sit in the seat and pretend to 'drive' their car in the big race. Isn't imagination wonderful?

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Thank you Cass County Tractor Pullers
for a great day!