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Instructional Services

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Vision (The Why)

Why does the instructional services department exist? What is our cause, our purpose? 

Learning for all – It’s the moral imperative; to ensure equity in learning outcomes for all students.

To be our local districts' first choice for educational services, whether providing the service ourselves or making connections with other schools, agencies, or organizations.

To be sought after as a trusted, knowledgeable, collaborative partner that works side-by-side educators as a proactive leader to support each local school district of Cass County in achieving their vision.

Mission (The How)

How will we make our vision become a reality?

Whatever it takes – Heritage Southwest ISD instructional services department will lead by being:

  • One step ahead – empowering educational leaders with current research, resources, and best practices
  • Alongside – a collaborative, reciprocal relationship as we learn and work together
  • One step behind – being attentive and seeking to understand what educators on the frontline are experiencing and learning


We exist to serve the school districts of Cass County.

Our success is determined by the collective success of educators, students, and families of Cass County.

Every teacher and child is doing their best, given the conditions in which they find themselves.

Unconditional positive regard is always appreciated and deserved.

The greatest form of accountability is social accountability – the obligation we feel to our fellow educator in helping each other achieve the common goal of learning for all.

The heart of school improvement is improving instruction.

The better we teach, the better students learn.

All children will learn and are motivated to do so.

Who do we serve?

The primary stakeholders of the instructional services department are the educators and students of Cass County (Cassopolis, Dowagiac, Edwardsburg, and Marcellus). By serving and supporting the educators of Cass County, we empower educators to foster successful outcomes for the children and families of the communities they serve.


What services do we provide?